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The independent shops, run with special love and care, are what is giving a city its charm. However, these exciting projects by local designers, producers and gastronomes are not known to most natives of Zurich.

As we live and work in Zurich, we attach particular importance to a vibrant city with a high quality of life. We therefore spend a lot of time to collect the insider tips of Zurich and to select with stringent criteria our favourite places. This is the only way to make it easier to let you know, when it is worth your while to go into town. You can also discover the reasons, why we love the city.

June's Choice is is a project of passion by June von Bonin, Software Engineer, and Alain Leclerc von Bonin, Designer. We are the heads behind VisualContext, a digital communication business in Zurich. With this project, we want to strengthen the local ecosystem. Hence, we link the stores together and we see ourselves als network and community. June's Choice is member of the Made In Zürich.


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Supporters and Partners

We have teamed up with Fischer AG Immobilienmanagement. Fischer is an independent and sustainable company that develops, markets, manages and maintains real estate projects. It is specialised among others on business concepts and develops innovative concepts for local offering and the revival of public ground floors, such as the beautiful and varied shops of residential and commercial settlements Kalkbreite or Europaallee along Lagerstrasse.

Together with our partner Naoo AG we can offer local companies a high quality digital support to represent them in the online world and bring new customers into their businesses. Naoo is a Swiss tech company with the goal of providing its users with unique and authentic experiences.

Anthrazit AG, Fischer AG, Hinderling Volkart, Kreislauf 345, Naoo, Tribeka

Special Thanks

Christian Klinner, Christian Langenegger, Clemens Schuster, Daniela Beltrame, Daniel Frei, Erik Hasselberg, Giuseppina Visconti, Ignite, Mark Melnykowycz, Meret Ernst, Michael Wehrli, Moritz Frey, Oliver Tubic, Patrick Armbruster, Philipp Meier, René Bauer, Roland Ryser, Rose Mueller, Samuel Knaus, Stefan Honegger, Tamara Cantieni, Urs, Egger, Urs Honegger

The initiative is backed amongst others by Kreislauf4und5 and Hinderling Volkart. Support and recommend June's Choice. We all thrive in a vibrant city.

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